Shuryukan Yoshinkai Aikido

Better Living Subdivision, Paranaque City

Founded in 2000, Shuryukan Yoshinkai Aikido Saudi Arabia is Internationally registered with the Aikido Yoshinkai Foundation in Takadanobaba, Japan, the school and instructors are internationally registered and is also a proud member of Aikido Yosekai Yoshinkan Family of Schools, headed by 9th Dan Shihan, Amos L. Parker, and the Aikido Yoshinkan of Sacramento headed by Steven Miranda Sensei, 5th Dan AYF.

Since Mel has relocated from Saudi Arabia to Manila, he founded Shuryukan Philippines in June of 2012, with technical assistance from Romeo Ballares Sensei (Shihan-Dai), Shuryukan aims to teach Aikido to the community. The goal is to share and practice basic movements & techniques over and over again to learn how to move our bodies in response to different types of power exerted by the opponent.  Repeated and correct practice of these basic techniques eventually enables our students to react instinctively and to apply the appropriate technique in almost any situation he finds himself, whether it takes place in the dojo or at unexpected moment in daily life, verbal or otherwise physical. Instructions are minutely detailed, as we pay special attention to the position of the hands and feet. Instructors and students train very seriously yet interact with each other like family members.

Mission Statement
To share the Japanese Martial Art of Aikido to the community and nearby areas.

Vision Statement
To create a harmonious environment through regular practice of Aikido therefore producing good citizens that can contribute to the community.